The Wonder Weeks App Reviews

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New version

The new version is not good. The last version is much better with the diagrams. For example the picture in this new version is out of range

Lack of info and hidden costs

For the price of the app I barely got to read a paragraph before they tell you to spend more to get "all" the info. You pay more for each leap and even then the information is vague I would not recommend this app at all.

Not worth it in my mind

Suggested by mommy friends- I dont get the hype at all. The leaps were best to read but I would google infant leaps and save your money

Love following my LOs development

Ever wonder why your child seems to cycle between angel and, well, a little less angelic? This app can help! Im WAY more compassionate towards my fussy also when this app helps to remind me that this stage is important and, more importantly, wont last forever ;)

A must for all parents!

This app is a must for any parent who wants to understand what their children are learning developmentally and how to encourage them. I cant believe how accurate this has been for us. The app is so handy to check his chart, read up on his upcoming leaps, and tips on how to help him through them. A must for any parent!


This app follows my babies development very closely and if hes having a "stormy" day its helpful to see that its really a progression of skills!

Great app for navigating babys mental development

I love this app and use it as a supplement to the actual book. For me, this app serves as a quick reference to track the various leaps in my babys development. I only wish that the app included in each of its Help sections, suggestions for how to cultivate the potential that comes out of each leap.

Danger! Addictive!

Really great app and great system! I love that you can rate and give/ get feedback two! The only thing I might recommend for this app is perhaps to create a bit of a calendar or reminder of the purchases you have agreed to make... I found myself scheduling for quite s few items to pick up and with my busy mom life had a hard time remembering all of it...

Update is terrible

The app is way harder to use now and it doesnt have a simple countdown until the next leap.


Bring back the countdown!!


The update no longer shows how many days are left of the leap and you can no longer look back/ahead on leaps. Im considering deleting the app.

Hate the update

The last 2 (or so) updates have been terrible. I loved this app 2 years ago with my daughter. It told me exactly how many day until the next leap, how many days left while in the leap, etc. it also let you look ahead if your baby started a leap early (like the book says can happen). With my new baby theyve taken away these features. Its hard to follow along and know whats coming up. Really wish I wouldnt have purchased it again.

Dont waste your money

This app does not make sense. I have buyers remorse.


I love everything about it. It brings peace of mind, and is well-done. I dont believe in one-star ratings just because I dont like one little thing...but I havent found a single thing I dont like about it. Great information and great app.

Love this app!

I love this app! I am not sure why it has such poor reviews. It has great advice as far as what to expect from your little one as they go through each Leap and how to help them learn and grow with specific activity suggestions. I find it very helpful.

Missing the countdown

I miss the countdown feature with this latest update! It is also a lot harder to navigate! Bring back the countdown.

No more countdown!

Im giving 2 stars because I need to be able to see how many days are left in a leap (for my own sanity)! The calendar isnt very clear. Please bring back the countdown with the next update!

Downgrade to less info

A recent update made pretty much everything behind a paywall. The old app was much better because it gave you more information about what may be going on with your kid each week. Not worth the download unless you want to spend more $ each leap.


The home screen has become extremely confusing and is not clear at all anymore. The slide at the top with the weeks does not clearly show which week you are actually on, and does not say how soon to expect start/end of leap anymore. I could try to count on my own, but in a fussy period who has time to actually do that? Why did you have to change a perfectly good app?

Im not sure the point

This app is not helpful. It seems like its missing something. I would not recommend.

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